Injecting Capital Fund by cash

Nov 16, 2006
From the previous example, it is shown that the initial capital injection was made by simply recording journal of term loan and equity transfers to bank saving, to be then spent for purchasing fixed assets. The bank balance then is:
Electronic Clearing Account ($ 75,000)
KiwiBank Saving Account $ 100,000
Bank balance $ 25,000

The owner is now thinking to add some more fund to the bank account by cash. However, he wants to consider that his fund injection is to be recorded as a banking receipt to the company.

To record this:
go to Banking > Receive Money

Then fill in the form like this:

Some notes to this form:
1. Deposit to account: KiwiBank Saving
2. The payor is Jeffry Liando as personal
3. Account is for KBF equity as to be injected as capital

The transaction journal is similar with the previous direct method (recording journal):

The updated balance sheet as of Jan 2007:



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