UK Pension Transfer to NZ

Feb 18, 2008
UK Pension Transfer to New Zealand

It is important to seek good, experienced advice. To transfer UK Pensions to NZ Lyfords uses HMRC, QROPS approved funds. This avoids the risk of potentially being taxed up to 55% on the transfer value of your UK Pension.

Use our specialist knowledge to make an informed decision on whether to transfer your UK Pension ("superannuation") - UK Pension Transfer to NZ- to a New Zealand superannuation ("pension") fund.

In the UK, Pension plans are only lightly taxed while saving for retirement, but the income received is assessable for taxation.

In New Zealand (NZ) superannuation funds are taxed along the way and the capital at maturity is tax free and generally not locked in.

You may be able to transfer your UK Pension to New Zealand and access up to 40% of the value immediately.

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Reasons for Transferring

Pension Transfer - - enables you to keep track of your pension plan and gain more control of your funds without affecting their earning power. You won't need to be concerned whether the fund is merging, closing or going out of existence.

From April 2006 simplification rules came into effect in the UK enabling a much wider range of permitted investment.

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What You Need to Know

Does my Pension plan contain valuable options?

Does my Pension plan guarantee predictable benefits at retirement, regardless of the future movement of UK interest rates and investment returns?

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