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Jul 7, 2005

has been around the web since 2005. This website aims to provide financial modelling knowledge, assistance and service for small businesses and individuals in planning, monitoring, controlling, evaluating and analysing their financial issues. This can be a free or premium service depending on the complexity.

The free service is my "pro bono" service provided to all New Zealanders who want to know more about finance and investment and increase their level of financial literacy. Please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

The contents may include small business & personal financial models, dynamic portfolio and optimisation models, excel VBA/macro tips, managed funds prices, financial news, concepts, etc. The contents would be mainly in NZ context but a few contents may be of my choice for Indonesia context.

As an Excel developer, I can assist those seeking tailored Excel spreadsheets with VBA/Macro. I can also help those seeking unbiased financial advice and optimised investment portfolio in shares, bonds, debentures and managed funds within the Australia NZ context.

As an Access developer, I can also develop tailored Access interfaces for pipelines, new business, commissions and fund tracker and database normally used in the financial advisory industry.

Please surf my personal links to get to know me and do contact me if you need my assistance.

I wish you every success and all the best for all your matters.

Jeff Liando
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