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Jan 16, 2014
The Sustainable Enterprise Value Map (SEVM) is designed to accelerate the connection of sustainability actions to the bottom line. The map is a starting point in this process and can support every day decisions of where to spend time and resources that will result in winning in a competitive marketplace while preserving and promoting both society and the environment.

This map is an innovative tool which can be used to:

  • Depict risks & opportunities related to sustainability;
  • Identify actions that create sustainable value by simultaneously generating economic and environmental/social value;
  • Establish linkages that improve the bottom line; and
  • Develop business cases to justify environmental, social and sustainability investments.

There are two simple ways to use the map:

  • Horizontal use. Ever wonder how addressing the sustainability issues of a specific part of the organization can impact shareholder value? Select a Stakeholder Value Driver from the left hand side of the map and follow that row across to identify sustainability actions that could be undertaken and how this would contribute to financial results.
  • Vertical use. Start by selecting a specific Shareholder Value Driver that is an objective of the project or the organization (e.g., increase volume of sales). Scan down its column to identify actions that can be taken to improve environmental and social drivers as well.

The SEVM provides a unique view on the pervasive, evolving, and interconnected nature of sustainability issues and financial shareholder value. Contact your Deloitte professional for more information on the full Sustainable Enterprise Value Map and how it can be used to propel your sustainability activities.

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